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BrainMining® Is Our Business!


Merritt-Gentry Groups unique discovery process.  Empower your team to think creatively through the BrainMining® process.

Industry Problems

Most organizations have untapped talent and expertise within their existing staffs. When problems and opportunities present themselves, most if not all solutions are within the experience set of that staff. Insurance organizations are confronted with these dilemmas:

  • How to take advantage of the knowledge, skill and experience that their current team possesses.

  • How to capture existing process to safeguard the organization.

  • How to create team synergy in identifying opportunities, setting priorities, and establishing action plans.

  • How to generate "outside-the-box" thinking to take advantage of opportunities.


Critical Issues

  • Do you have a strategic vision, with clearly defined and communicated goals and priorities, and key player buy-in?
  • Are you trying to find answers to tomorrow’s problems with yesterday’s solutions?
  • Are you using your company’s accumulated experience and talent to your advantage?
  • Have you implemented group dynamics strategy building to set meaningful priorities?
  • Does your organization culture look for better ways to achieve results?


The Merritt-Gentry Group Solution

Using our unique BrainMining® method of group dynamics, and roll-up-your-sleeves and grind out the answers techniques, Merritt-Gentry will help your best minds come to the best answers designed specifically for you -- in your business.

Effective consultants understand that ultimate success depends on your organization’s own resources. Cookie-cutter solutions do not deliver bottom-line results. Our job at the Merritt-Gentry Group is to help unlock the genius already there and help identify the unique focus for your operation.

Benefits to You

Merritt-Gentry will help you out-think your competition through a unique BrainMining® process to help you uncover "outside-the-box" ideas at costs that are friendly to your bottom line.

The Merritt-Gentry consultants will use over 70 years of experience helping your business to assist in charting your course.

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