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Industry Problems

The insurance and financial services industry is undergoing rapid change that is altering the landscape for producers and managers. While productivity haimproved dramatically, "head count" is down.  Producers and managers alike are doing more with less.  This fast-paced, stress-laden environment leaves talented professionals searching for help and with a need to sort out their priorities and stay focused on the "Main Thing."  They are confronted with these dilemmas:

  • How do I get more out of my life, both personally and professionally?
  • How do I continue to distinguish myself from the competition to assure success in the future?
  • How can I approach each day with the passion of my first day?
  • Where can I find an impartial, non-judgmental sounding board as a partner?


To view a 16 minute online presentation overview describing the value of our coaching process and services available press this button.

VirtualCoach Overview

Critical Issues

The financial services industry is undergoing a transformation unlike any time in the past.  Traditional sales and sales management methods that have been the lifeblood of our business success continue to hold true. However, a need for "lean and mean" operations are causing carriers and agencies to abandon these support systems.  As a result, insurance and financial services professionals all have way too much on their plates, creating serious obstacles to sustained growth. These critical issues are manifested in lower productivity, fear of change, failure to adapt. As a result, some producers and managers experience these symptoms:

  • Lowered confidence levels
  • Lack of attention to providing support systems and viable role models
  • Unsupportive work and social environment
  • Lack of interest in the establishment of clear and achievable objectives with a path to follow
  • Poor health, passion, energy, drive and motivation
  • Disorganization, poor time control and lack of discipline
  • Deteriorating product expertise, specialized knowledge and selling skills
  • Inadequate attention to emotional health and social skills

The Merritt-Gentry Group Solution

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, you could benefit from a FREE VirtualCoach® BrainMining® session with one of our experienced consultants.  A Virtual Coach® is a partner in helping you achieve your personal and business objectives.  Coaching is a proven support system for successfully helping people gain clarity, achieve balance in their lives and create action plans to a more fulfilling future.

To discover the VirtualCoach® process and determine if you can benefit from the process, complete the form below and one of our consultants will contact you by phone for a FREE 60 minute evaluation visit.  This is ideal for you if you are:

  • A sales professional, sales manager, corporate officer, independent business owner, displaced from your career, undergoing significant change or looking for improvements to how you attack each day
  • Have a desire to clarify your personal or professional goals and direction
  • Are open to new ideas and thinking outside the box
  • Know that you are accountable for your own results in business and in life
  • Would be willing to commit to a valued discipline if value is perceived

Our initial visit will focus on you, your goals, hopes, dreams, desires, frustrations and obstacles to your success.

Mentoring and the Virtual Coach®

Mentoring has been widely publicized in industry magazines as the answer to rapid vertical growth.  Often, a "start-up" operation needs to borrow assistance in order to develop valuable mentors.  The Virtual Coach® is the way to get that done.  A mentor philosophy is a supportive management strategy in which an individual views another experienced, successful individual as a person who can help achieve desired career objectives.

The Merritt-Gentry professionals have succeeded in the business and have participated actively at all levels.  Let us help you monitor and measure your way to exceptional growth.  Take advantage of our FREE 60 minute evaluation visit by completing the form below.

Benefits to You

Merritt-Gentry will help you out-think your competition through a unique BrainMining® process to help you uncover "outside-the-box" ideas at costs that are friendly to your bottom line.

The Merritt-Gentry consultants will use over 100 years of experience helping your business to assist in charting your course.

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