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OnTr@k® Online


OnTr@k® Online

wpeB.jpg (95000 bytes)OnTr@k® is an online based business management tool specifically designed by insurance experts for the insurance industry.  Features built into OnTr@k® set it aside from any other business management tool available today.

Category Breaker

This software is a "category breaker" not available anywhere else in the marketplace.  The experts at Merritt-Gentry Group have applied over 60 years of accumulated experience to provide a tool proven to assist agents in managing a successful insurance practice.

Industry Problems

For new and veteran agents alike, individual productivity is a constant concern. For companies, agent productivity and retention results go hand in hand. Companies and insurance agents today have a wide array of sales presentations, needs analysis systems, and prospecting programs from which to choose, all promising to be difference-makers.

All of these types of programs and tools are important, but there is a missing component. In the long run, one of the most critical difference makers is how effectively an agent develops a business plan, how that plan is monitored and measured, and how well the business is managed against the plan. Too often, agents’ plans are a once-a-year event that is gathering dust before spring. And, monitoring and measurement tools are no more than reports for management from which agents derive little value.

Critical Issues

  • Do your agents (or you?) have an effective planning process to help them work smarter?
  • Can your managers and mentors effectively coach agents to develop remedial action plans?
  • Does the lack of an agent planning system prevent the effective development of agency and company objectives?

The Merritt-Gentry Group Solution

At the Merritt-Gentry Group, we realize that agents want to be in business for themselves but not by themselves. We help companies, managers and agents work in partnership to achieve more in less time and at lower cost.

Agents who rigorously keep score know that their scores improve, but most agents find planning and scorekeeping inconvenient and the tools hard to use. Our groundbreaking OnTr@k® system is a web-delivered agent planning, activity monitoring and business management tool. This system enables meaningful goal-setting, effortless activity monitoring and coordinated business management. The OnTr@k® system provides these features:

  • In-depth annual planning and goal-setting.
  • Easy-to-use weekly activity and results monitoring with integrated business expense tracking.
  • Electronic communication of results to management, mentors, peers, etc.
  • Action planning advice from the Virtual Coach®
  • Electronic planning assistance using the Model Action Planner® (MAP®) features.

Benefits to You

  • Bottom-line impact through coordinated agent and agency planning.
  • Enhanced agent development and the development of future managers.
  • Improved company control and predictability for planning purposes.
  • More effective management support of agent training, development and coaching.


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