Statement of Privacy
and Integrity

Merritt-Gentry Group is committed to providing quality services to our users since they are our most important asset. We strictly adhere to the following policies:

We strive to do everything we can to protect the privacy of our users. Please feel free to share any comments and concerns with us. We will be sure to address them.

Information this Site Gathers

Our Web site collects names, e-mail addresses during the registration process. We also learn users' e-mail addresses and other attached information when they send us e-mail. We do not sell or exchange personally identifiable information with any third parties.

Our system also uses browser cookies to track a user's path through our Web site. This enables us to better respond to any problems with our service, and to offer a more personalized service.

Your Choice

For any of these, please contact us.

Anti-Spam Measures

We have developed technology to keep our users from being exposed to unsolicited commercial messages (spam). Merritt-Gentry Group uses a proprietary spam detector that recognizes spam and blocks it from being distributed to the group. The group moderator receives a copy of such blocked messages and can forward them to the group, if they are acceptable messages. Read our Anti-Spam policy.

We also have implemented technology to protect users' e-mail addresses from being downloaded by mass mailers. The privacy of our subscribers is tightly guarded at Merritt-Gentry Group.

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