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Industry Problems

The insurance industry has been plagued with the same problems for decades:

  • An inability to get new agents off to a fast start.
  • Lagging agent productivity and retention.
  • Trouble helping agents effectively break into better markets.
  • Difficulty making internal training programs impact the bottom line.

Critical Issues

  • Are your training efforts giving you a meaningful return on your investment?
  • Have you been able to successfully implement a strong client relationship marketing presence?
  • Are your field managers equipped to train agents to hit the ground running?
  • Do your agents effectively develop endorsed referrals?
  • Are your training efforts aligned with your selling processes and with your marketing strategy?
  • Have you cost-effectively leveraged the power of technology and the Internet to boost sales results?

The Merritt-Gentry Group Solution

Don’t lose sleep worrying about your training program. Merritt-Gentry provides services and products to help organizations meet the challenge of survival over the long pull. We can custom design training programs, materials and technology solutions for your staff based on your current needs. We provide expert assistance in:

  • Sorting out your sales training and development options to get the most out of your training resources. Our unique BrainMining® process will help you out-think your competition to help uncover "outside-the-box" ideas at costs that are friendly to your bottom line.
  • Equipping your field management team at the point of attack with tools and technology solutions that prepare them to successfully build your field force.
  • Training your field trainers on the subjects that will have bottom-line impact.
  • Implementing interactive sales skill development programs to help ensure the new agent fast start.
  • Developing difference-making technology-enabled training tools.

Benefits to You

We can assist in identifying your needs and bring solutions to completion more quickly, more successfully, and less expensively in the long run. With over 70 years of experience, The Merritt-Gentry Group can be your partner in building tomorrow’s successes today.

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